April 26, 2015

ARC Review: Addicted to Mr Parks (The Parks Series #2) by Lilly James

Title: Addicted to Mr Parks
Author: Lilly James
Series: The Parks Series #2
Genre: contemporary romance, erotica
I wish dark pasts guaranteed bright futures. But my past seems to lurk in the shadows. My chance of a happy future cursed by the demons that refuse to set me free.

When Wade Parks bulldozed his way into my life the impact he made was substantial. I fell under the intensity of his spell and found something I couldn’t deny. Yes his looks were flawless, his bedroom skills perfection. And yes he was so relentless I wanted to strangle him on numerous occasions. But he wanted me. He fought for me. He started breaking down my walls with patience, persuasion and undeniable passion. Parks made me feel like I belonged in the safety of his arms after a lifetime of feeling lost.

However, he couldn’t deal with my past revelations. His actions proving as much. They also proved that this extremely controlled and highly disciplined man was hiding a tortured soul.

Can two broken souls ever make one perfect whole? I didn’t think so.

Pushing people away seems to be my speciality and now I’m completely alone with only myself to blame. Was I ever going to get off the ride from hell?

My mind is telling me to forget him. My cold heart telling me it isn’t that easy.

Which one do I side with?

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Addicted to Mr Parks by Lilly James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 still here with a broken heart *sniffs* STARS

“We are going to be the death of each other, Wade.”

No quote in the history of time has ever been more accurate. Holy shit. They can't function with each other and are even more incapable to live when they are alone. A truly fucked up couple with so many issues, you could stack them up and could easily reach to the moon. I freaking love it!

Addicted to Mr Parks is the second instalment in Lilly James' Parks Series. I think most of you know how much I loved the Denying Mr Parks and I was over the moon when Lilly asked me to review the second book as well. RL and a little vacation distracted me a little but I finally finished it and what a ride.

It's sexy, it's heart breaking, sometimes makes you sick to your stomach and more often than not horny as hell. Most of the time it happens all at once. Suffice it to say, I'm a bit exhausted as a result. ;P

“I have been nothing but good to you, Evelyn!”

He wasn't getting it. “If you're so good for me then why have you sucked the life out of me?”

Addicted to Mr Parks picks up right where the last book ended. Wade has left Evey and Steph, her best friend has kicked her out of their flat. With no other option left she has to go to her parents until she can figure something else out.

To say Evey hits rock bottom is the biggest understatement ever made. She is right back where she never wanted to be again. Drunk (highlight to read spoiler), no friends and her parents couldn't care less what she did. It's frustrating and it broke my heart to read. Evey is caught in this downward spiral and she doesn't seem to have any fight left. But what got to me the most was that she still didn't really register that she has a problem. She still thinks that she could stop if she wanted to.

I guess it's pretty obvious that at some point Mr Parks gets his head out of his ass and gets involved in the situation Evey has trapped herself in. What follows is a lot of push and pull, insanely hot sex, secrets and issues as far as the eye can see.

'Cause dear Evelyn isn't the only one who needs fixing.

“This time we get to stay with each other. Wrapped in each other. No running.”

“No running.”

Pfffft. Yeah. Right.

All the characters do the best with the coping mechanisms they have and deal with the situations one step at a time, but falling back into the 'relationship', depending on each other like Evey and Wade do, as well as trying to cure everything with sex doesn't seem to be the best way to solve this cluster fuck. *shrugs* Not even sure how else they should have done it. After all this slightly messed up relationship and their less than smart decisions are only human.

The one thing that really got on my nerves was the Tabby story line. Evey has sub par personality radar and smells bullshit from ten miles away. I'm not buying her naive trust. Sorry, but no.

“I'm thinking some days being with you is heaven send, then we head back to hell again.”

All things considered everything that made me want to scream and throw my kindle against the wall just made it all much more enjoyable to read and the emotional roller coaster that much more rewarding. But please, can we get some Wade POV in the next book?!

Just like before I really like the writing. It sucks you in and makes you feel all the ups and down Evey and Wade go through. Just one little thing...some editing is needed, but less than with the last book.

Now I'm just desperately waiting for the last book. Fingers crossed for my HEA. Because Ms. James we really need to have a talk about those cliffies! I feel like déjà vu all over again. The last chapter gutted me...

**ARC very kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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