January 24, 2015

Review: Use by C.D. Reiss

In the end, did I stab him to be free of him? And free to what? Fuck? Snort? Party? Or free to be normal?

It was a very interesting situation, up there on Maundy,” Elliot said.

“Nothing like it in the world. It’s a safe place for people like me.”

“People like you? Can you be more specific?” He ran his finger on the edge of his blotter, and a chill went up my inner thighs.

“People like me means, I don’t know. Fuckers. We fuck because it’s what we do. Bus drivers drive. Accountants account. Policemen police. I’m a fucker. I fuck.”


Use by C.D. Reiss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 where do we go from here? STARS

“Maybe one day I'd remember the sticky web of circumstances that put us both in the stables, but did it matter a fuck? In the end, did I stab him to be free of him?And free to do what?Fuck? Snort? Party?Or free to be normal?”

Finally finished with the last C.D. Reiss book I had on my TBR. Feels so freeing to conquer little goals. ;D

Fiona Drazen is back and she is still locked up for stabbing her boyfriend/master Deacon and can't remember what exactly happened. Oh, and she still is crazy addicted to sex. Just another member in the Drazen clan...a bunch of wonderfully unstable and messed up people.

“Sex was my superpower, and I knew when a man wanted me.”

Here is what I remember about book #1 in the Songs of Perdition series. I was blown away by the writing, the characters, the unique story and I never before felt so uncomfortable reading a book.
Miss Reiss pushes boundaries and it is bloody brilliant. Here is another thing I remember; I was angry and frustrated and I wanted to do some serious harm to certain people after I finished reading Kick.

Now most of these things are still true the second time around. The writing is phenomenal, the characters are just as unusual and lovable in their own rights. But I have to say, apart from the ending, Use was a lot more mellow and easier to stomach than Kick. Fiona is on her way to get some serious answers and to do some desperately needed self-reflection.

“I don’t want to be broken.”He shook his head. “You don’t get to choose that.”

Use starts off with Fiona Drazen being in a drug induced haze, fantasizing and hallucinating her way through the day. A lot of the time she is thinking about her therapist Dr. Elliot Chapman and she has some rather explicit dreams about him too. But the attraction is not one sighted. The good doctor has a serious crush on his patient and it's not good in an ethical sense.

As you might remember Elliot left at the end of the last book and only after an incident after which Fiona gets a clearer picture about the events that led her here, he returns as her therapist.

Elliot Chapman is a straight laced workaholic who seems to be searching for himself and he does that by obsessing and doing some heavy counter-transference with Fiona. I have to be honest. I don't really like him. Unfortunately he plays a huge part in this book. Every other chapter is written in his POV and we get to see his home life (*cough* his girlfriend *cough*) as well as his struggles and ...ah shit, he is a bowl of mashed potatoes. I couldn't be less interested if I tried.

Things only get interesting when Deacon Bruce gets involved. That scene with Elliot and Deacon is EVERYTHING! Seriously!

“We shook hands. He looked me in the eye. Two gentlemen trying to protect the same woman, probably from each other.”

Also, for the first time in the series we get to see him in life action and not just a flashback. He is by far the most intriguing character. Very reasonable, strong, self-aware, collected and calm. I know that's a lot, but I just kept writing down adjectives every time he gets some 'screen' time. ;D

Can you tell I'm Team Deacon?

My issues with Elliot aside, I really love this book...this series. It's so unique and moving, I couldn't stay away if I tried. I want to find out what will happened to Fiona. Despite all her problems she seems to be a really good person, who just never learned how to deal with the life she got. Her self-reflecting and the whole arc of discovering what happened, what she might be capable of and if she is able or even willing to lead a normal life is fascinating to say the least.

For the Jonathan lover out there I have some more good news...he makes an appearance and I'm not going to tell you how or why cause it would spoil not only this book but also the Songs of Submission series. In fact I would suggest reading this series after you read Songs of Submission.

“You're like this rare creature. Rich. Famous. Living in a fish bowl. How many are there in the world?”

I'm not sure how I feel about the ending. For starters...as mentioned above...I'm Team Deacon, but for some reason I have a feeling that Elliot is Ms. Reiss's endgame. He is constantly being pushed down our throats and I'm not real happy about that. I just have this nagging feeling and then there isn't even a third book in sight. If I had known about that I sure would have waited before continuing with the series. Damn love triangles...Ugh!


Let's hope there will be something soon. *fingers crossed*

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