March 05, 2015

ARC Review: A Little Faith by Emma James

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” ~ Bob Marley

Faith was nearly fifteen when her life was torn apart, she sheltered herself from knowing anything about that fateful day.

Six years later she is older and stronger and has decided to confront this sexy brotherhood of hot men she ignored for her own survival.

Harley, Keanu, Text, Levi and Retro will reveal to Faith all is not what it seems and she will discover the level of strength these friends possess.

She will come to realize the secrets they have all been shielding her from in humorous and emotional ways.

Faith isn’t going back to Dallas in a hurry, not until she can help those that need her the most.

This is a story of new beginnings, a strong brotherhood of sexy guys and a love that has been lost along the way. It is a story with twists and surprises that will tug at your heart as well as make you laugh.

Humor is a weapon that can only last so long until life peels the layers back and what is underneath and hurting shows through.

Faith wasn’t there for them when they needed her, but she damn well will make sure she is now.

Welcome to Ocean Beach.
Sometimes you just have to have A Little Faith.

Reader Note: This is a mature aged new adult/adult contemporary romance with a difference. This novel does not contain abusive parents, on the contrary. There is no mean girl, no rape or abuse or cheating. There is however a brotherhood of guys who will make you feel a whole range of emotions.

This novel does contain strong sexual content for the mature 18+ reader.

What I will tell you is this is a five book series with 2 novella's also added to it. My style is different, readers are picking up on it. I am not just having boy meets girl in each book and HEA, there is more, much more going on. This is a series where all characters are strongly involved in each installment.

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A Little Faith by Emma James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 break my heart why don't you? STARS

“Too many people don't stop to smell the roses. I do. Life is too short.”

This is by far the hardest review I had to write. I can't tell you anything without giving away the big elephant in the room that determines the outcome of every freaking action and relationship in this book. And you know what, said elephant...and/or event that dominates this whole book takes place at the end of the first chapter.

When I read it my jaw hit the ground. To say I didn't see it coming is the understatement of the century and even telling you something happens won't prepare you for the actual event. Trust me.

I thought the blurb was pretty vague but intriguing and let me tell you the blurb writer did a good job all things considered. This is one of those books you want to go in blind and just let the story unfold.

Suffice it to say, I actually really liked A Little Faith. It's unique. And that's not just a phrase. The way Ms. James set up all the characters, bound them together with one big event and let all their lives play out in the aftermath is actually really amazing.

“What actually happened on that island? I have so many stories I've missed out on. I only played one story over and over in my head. It was only one chapter when there are so many more.”

So, I'm going to try and set it all up a little. Faith is a almost twenty-one year old girl on a mission. She is on her way to San Diego to visit a group of men...they are old 'friends' and she is there to learn about past events and make some amends for not being there when they needed her most.

Puh...that wasn't so bad, I guess. Still, hard being vague. LOL

Said big thing happened when Faith was fifteen and it changed her life and the lives of Harley, Keanu, Text, Levi and Retro forever. It took her a long time to face the reality but now she is here and ready.

And that is all you are going to get from me. READ THE FREAKING BOOK!

“I turn to my window again and look down on San Diego as it gets bigger. The sky is so blue; it looks like a beautiful, sunny day.It's a day for new beginnings and moving forward.”

A Little Faith is not a love story like we read it all of the time. In fact for the longest time I had no idea if there was even any kind of love interest and/or relationship planned for this series. For all intents and purposes the main characters have bigger problems than messy love lives.

This is also not a standalone. As the story unfolds little by little we learn more about the past and each character gets a bit of healing time and closure in the meantime. Mostly because Faith is a bit of a catalyst who forced them to talk and get things out in the open they had buried deep before.

Now the funny thing is...reading all the things I told you so far you might think this is a dark read with a lot of heartbreak and angst. It is in a fact a very balanced read with a lot of humour and heart felt moments. Wonderfully written, amazing characters and very addictive. I just never wanted to stop...only thing that kept me from reading this in one sitting was my busy real life. Ugh.

Only thing left for me to say is thank you to the author for gifting me this special ARC I so carelessly managed not to read until now. I'm deeply sorry for taking so long and I promise it won't be long before I pick up the next book....cause that cliffy was a bit evil...*throws fist in the air*

**ARC very kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thank you Flo!!!! This is a beautiful review. So well thought out, thank you for keeping that big elephant hidden. :)