Welcome to Coffee Addict Books. Our little baby and escape from reality. We are Sandy and Flo, and if you are interested you can learn a little about us below.

My name is Flo and I'm in my late twenties...which is just a nicer way to say that I'm almost 30 and my hair is sporting some grey streaks. *sniffs*

I'm a student. Yes...that's odd. Well, I am also a trained nurse and after years of helping people and ruining my body in the process I have decided to give higher education a try. I'm getting a double major in economics/business and art history.

I'm a workaholic and I need to read some cheesy romance and kinky erotica just to keep my sanity, and well...of course I also need that to escape my life. But don't we all?

Quite recently I've discovered the beauty of book reviews, thanks to goodreads and the amazing friends I've made there. I'm an avid photoshopper (in RL my hobby even makes me some money) and I love to make pretty reviews. I'm not a native English speaker, but I read and review almost without exception in English. So, every mistake in spelling and grammar is mine and should be treated as a cute little quirk. Read at your own risk is what I'm saying. ;P

That's about as much as I want to share with you guys. But if you are really interested you can always contact me.


Hi all,

I’m Sandy, a fellow book addict, romance junkie, reviewer and now a blogger!

Well, I was not always this crazy about reading, my addiction started after the FSoG Trilogy and Easy, since then I have never EVER stopped reading! As you may have guessed by now, Erotica is my favorite subgenre in romance *winks* but I’ll read absolutely anything in romance. Ok, not all!! I can’t stand love triangles (cheating), doormat-ish heroines and insta-love/lust...I have low tolerance for those. I never read serials until all the books are out.

Also, I need a happy ending, yes!! I’m 26 and I still want fairy tale endings!! #beingmature

In the real world, I’m a fulltime research scholar and a high functioning nerd! I dwell on facts and crave for knowledge. If I’m not being a mad scientist, you can find my nose buried deep in my Kindle, which I practically carry everywhere even if I don’t have time, you know, just in case….! ;)

If I’m not doing above mentioned things I spend an awful lot of time on my laptop-watching TV series, shopping, organising my files or gaming and that pretty much covers my social life.

P.S: I don’t need help! ;p


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