May 12, 2016

TBT #32 - Review: The Girl in 6E ( Deanna Madden #1) by A.R. Torre

★TBT #32★ 
Featuring on this weeks #ThrowbackThrusday is A.R. Torre's original thriller, The Girl in 6E!

Title: The Girl in 6E
Author: A.R. Torre
Series: Deanna Madden #1
Genre: Dark, erotica, Thriller
I haven't touched a human in three years. That seems like it would be a difficult task, but it's not. Not anymore, thanks to the internet.

I am, quite possibly, the most popular recluse ever. Not many shut-ins have a 200-member fan club, a bank account in the seven-figure range, and hundreds of men lining up to pay for undivided attention.

They get satisfaction, I get a distraction. Their secret desires are nothing compared to why I hide... my lust for blood, my love of death.

Taking their money is easy. Keeping all these secrets... one is bound to escape.

What if you hid yourself away because all you could think of was killing? And what if one girl's life depending on you venturing into society?

Enter a world of lies, thrills, fears, and all desires, in this original thriller from A. R. Torre.

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The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
“No one is normal. Everyone is just pretending to be normal.” 
This is the story of a prostitute who never had sex, a story with sexual fetishes but no human contact, a story of murder obsession with no bloodshed. This is the story of Deanna and her life in the apartment 6E.


It’s been three years since Deanna left her apartment. She lost her entire family at the psychotic hands of her mother who killed them in cold blood and her murderous genes are passed on to Deanna. She lives, breaths and dreams of killing any person she comes in contact with. Only way for her to save the world from being slaughtered by her is to never touch another human being or better yet never to feel their presence.

Life won’t be easy if she never leave her apartment, with no money in her bank account and no family to support her financially she does the only thing to survive that is to be cam girl aka Internet prostitute posing as ‘Jessica Reilly’ a college student.

The world of internet becomes her solitude, her bread and butter and the source of her human connection. She is the one of the top cam models and has long list of potential clients, she meets them on regular basis. She connects with sexually deviant people, knows their secrets, their fetishes and mostly she needs them to dispel her loneliness.

Through camming she meets this strange individual with a unique request of foreplay, as day’s passes she is convinced this client is dangerous, mentally disturbed pedophile and she happens to be the only one to know his secret and the only one to save any of his future victims, in order to do that she has to leave her apartment. With no human contact for three years her murderous urges has reached a new height, she can’t seem to think past slitting someone’s throat. Will she save this girl or will she give in to her urges and be a demon she kept hidden for so long?

Alessandra Torre delivers yet another dark twisted erotic thriller in an unconventional way. Loved the plot, it was fresh, unique and absolutely bone chilling. The first half of the story was mostly about Deanna’s day to day activities which are not much since she just cams around the clock, but if you are well acquainted to the author’s writing style you will see the necessity to the description of her every client and her role to play. That’s where the erotic part comes, I remember saying NO SEX but the things she does with her body and mouth (I think this is my cue to shut my mouth *winks*)

I loved Deanna's character!! How many potential serial killer have we seen who is drop dead gorgeous 21 year old cam girl, the one who keeps herself as a prisoner in her own apartment to save her victims? The author portrays her character with so much conviction that you feel her obsession to kill, her battle to keep the sanity in check, her tangled emotions where she craves for human contact but fears of hurting them.

Rating clarification: I loved it and my hands were itching to rate it 5 stars but there were few hiccups along the way. Firstly there are two stories running parallel, one of Deanna’s involving her flashbacks and of Jeremy who happens to be the delivery man to her apartment and other of the little girl named Annie who is the subject of interest of the said pedophile. I think you can image the amount of POV’s!! Initially I had problem with the switching POV’s and transition not being clear, but once you get used to the usual trend at which it occurs you will like this story better.

For everyone who loves a dark twisted thriller, this is an utterly surprising page turner, you have to give this a try. This is one of those stories which need to be experienced rather than shared!

P.S: I read the new longer version of this story so I was confused about the other reviews which say the ending was disappointing! after reading the older version, I can clearly say that this one has a different ending which definitely needs a sequel and I didn’t mention more of Jeremy here (The delivery guys who falls for the girl in 6E) that’s because his role in this version is less! Yes, Deanna likes him too but….you know what! Just read the new version to know how it ends or else the sequel won’t make sense! Which btw will be releasing on April 2015.

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