April 09, 2018

Review : Transcend (Transcend Duet #1) by Jewel E. Ann

Title: Transcend
Author: Jewel E. Ann
Series: Transcend Duet #1
Genre: contemporary romance

“In another life, she was my forever.”

An unexpected tragedy leaves Professor Nathaniel Hunt a widower alone with a newborn baby.

He hires a nanny. She’s young, but well-qualified, with a simple life, a crazy name obsession, and a boyfriend she met at the grocery store.

Over time, he discovers she knows things about him—things that happened before she was born—like a hidden scar on his head, his favorite pizza, and how he cheated on a high school Spanish test.

She speaks familiar words and shares haunting memories that take him back to over two decades earlier when he lost his best friend in a tragic accident.

“I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when you realize I’m not her.”

Transcend is a sexy, mind-bending journey that uncovers possibilities, challenges beliefs, and begets the age-old question: is there life after death?

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Whoa! This book right here is a fine example of a story with twisted fate, complicated emotions, irony and soul-crushing love!

Jewel E. Ann is a master storyteller, there wasn’t a second while reading this book I felt bored or distracted. Her words sucked me in and I was transported to a different world of Nate – a single parent, widower whose once perfect world was ripped apart TWICE and Swayze – who is trying to adjust to a life of new found love with a perfect specimen of boyfriend Griffin, while struggling to understand her undeniable connection to Nate’s past.

“I can’t stop thinking of this.
It’s a song that loops in my head.
It’s a movie I want to watch until I have every scene-every line-memorized.
It’s my favorite book where all the words have been read and reread in search of something new, something more.
……the love I have for whatever this is goes much deeper.”

Transcend in my opinion, was fresh and unique, with an engaging storyline and unpredictable outcomes. Everything about this book was perfectly done. Every lead character was given a depth to them, the story weaving between the past and present gave a much-needed insight into their connection. The writing was brilliant with a touch of humor, every chapter brought out that awe element you need to keep begging for more.

Take my advice and go in blind, you do not want to miss this ride. Okay not blind, at least reading blurb would suffice, I’m sure no one can resist a story with a single dad *winks*. However, Cliff-hanger ALERT!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go question my belief in life after death!?

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