September 16, 2014

Review: One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy

The wrong man never felt so right...

Ex-fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend’s girl for months, but he refuses to jeopardize a friendship over a woman—especially one who doesn’t like him all that much. Now that Darcy’s on the market again, it’s even more imperative to stick to his strict hands-off policy. But the sizzling attraction between them is too powerful to ignore, and once he’s had a taste of her…all bets are off.

Darcy Grant is tired of walking the straight and narrow path. She’s on the hunt for passion, and there’s no denying Reed is just the man to give it to her. Although she has no interest in dating a bad boy, and certainly not her ex’s best friend, it’s impossible not to melt beneath Reed’s skillful touch. Now it’s just a matter of setting a few ground rules—and hoping her rule-breaking, sweet-talking bad boy agrees to follow them. But if she lets Reed into her bed, does she stand a chance of keeping him out of her heart?


One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 oh, Reed be scandalous with me please STARS

Confession time. I liked this one a whole lot better than the first. Want to know why?


Here is what got me excited. Dark haired Irish guy with blue eyes! So of course I got some Colin Farrell vibes. His eyes aren't blue, but I know how to use Photoshop. Easy-peasy. And you know what happens next? He talks like this:

“I’d lick you for hours. I’d get you nice and wet and drive you crazy with my tongue, and then, when you’re lying there limp with satisfaction, I’d crawl back up and fuck you with my cock until neither one of us can see straight.”

I'm still trying to find my composure. Anyway, I'm totally getting ahead of myself here. Let me tell you a bit about the plot first and yes there is...some. ;P Here it is in a nutshell:

Reed wants Darcy, but Darcy is AJ's girlfriend, also AJ is Reed's best friend. And Darcy? Well, Darcy just wants passion.

BUT, it's not a triangle...just to clear this up. No worries!

Reed Miller is co-owner of Sin, a rather popular night club and he also, just like his best friends, happens to be an ex-MMA fighter. Did I mention that he is hot and ripped and pretty much sex on legs? Yeah well, I'm glad I could strengthen the point here once more.

“Reed Miller was a bad boy to the core. Apparently the guy possessed an anything-goes attitude when it came to sex. He also smoked cigarettes cursed like a sailor, and drove way too fast in that black Camaro of his.”

One night, in an attempt to find a drug dealer who has been secretly pushing stuff through Sin, Reed wanders off into another club and guess who he finds? Yes, Darcy...flirting with another man...a man that is not her boyfriend AJ. Well, long story short...turns out they had broken up the night before and she was on the Rebound. Sort of.

Oh, what's a boy to do? Especially this boy, who has been secretly lusting after his best friend's girl for a long time.

Darcy Grant is a good girl. She is a teacher and she isn't one to date bad boys. In fact she has a reputation of playing it safe and you know that didn't get her very far. So, naturally she just has to try this out. Fuck the bad boy with the even worse reputation and find some passion in the process. BUT, no relationship...this is, and I quote 'just a fling'....mmmmmh. RIGHT! Cause that one always works so well.

So, we have two insanely beautiful people, who happen to be in total lust with each other and they know just what to do about it. The only problems would be the ex, some insecurities and well overall misconceptions and prejudice. I can role with that.

One Night of Scandal was a fast, hot and satisfying read. The characters have some insane chemistry; there are some really sweet moments as well as some drama. Oh, and dirty must not forget the dirty talking. What more does a girl want?

“...and what if I don't want to listen?""Then that would make you a bad girl, wouldn't it? And do you want to know what I do to bad girls?" Reed dragged his own zipper down, the tick-tick-tick of metallic teeth being released echoing in the car. "I fuck them. I fuck them hard.”

Yeah, I sure would recommend it. ;P

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