February 25, 2016

TBT #21 - Review: With the Father by Jenni Moen

★TBT #21★
This week on #ThrowbackThursday, I'm sharing a story which apparently had the most shocking climax I've EVER read, this book left me with massive hangover for days and I had to re-read just to understand what the hell happened??!. Yes, you heard me right!! I'm talking about 'With the Father' by Jenni Moen .

Title: With the Father
Author: Jenni Moen
Series: With the Father #1
Genre: romance, suspense

I had a choice, and I chose wrong.

I thought I lost everything. But when the smoke finally cleared, I discovered that I wasn’t alone.

Father Sullivan was a force – a living and breathing force, a forbidden desire I couldn’t resist. I didn’t want to resist. But I wasn’t the only one who wanted him, and by all accounts neither of us should have him.

I had decisions to make, secrets to uncover. Both would tear my heart, my life, and what was left of my family apart.

I wasn’t going to take any chances this time around. If I’d learned one thing during my life, it’s that death is the only certainty. It’s a matter of when, not if.

For every action, there is a reaction. For every choice, a consequence. If I hadn’t chosen to live again, I would have never known what life could be like …

With the Father

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With the Father by Jenni Moen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“For anyone who’s ever second guessed a decision and wondered what if…” 

First thing you should know about this story is that it’s not a dark/taboo read. Yes! It is a love story and involves the priest- there’s drama, angst, bit of love triangle, betrayal and heartbreak but this is unlike any love story you have ever heard!

I did enjoy this story till 90% mark but the twist that followed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It literally stole my breath, left me angry and confused but mostly sad. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED IT!!!

LOVED sheer brilliance of this author! Not just for bringing in the gut wrenching twist and unexpected ending but for toying with my emotions. She makes you fall in love, gives you hope, believe in something but the minute the truth was revealed you can’t help but feel betrayed.

Now since I’m over that shock! I get the choices made by certain character leading to the twist. I’m upset about it but also proud at the same time, ironically I loved the ending. Story was compelling, there were major parts where I/we swooned over Father Paul (or FP like Kirsten would call him).

“Yeah, so how hot is the room in hell for a woman who attempts to seduce a priest?” 

Loved the banters and mystery involving “FINDING HOPE”.

My advice for the readers who are yet to read this book: Don’t miss on this opportunity to be astonished. It will definitely leave you wondering “what if’s” of life! Just go in blind.

FYI: Blurb makes sense only if you finish reading this book.

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