March 10, 2016

TBT #23 - Review - Insidious by Aleatha Romig

★TBT #23

Dark, Deadly and Devious!! Insidious by Aleatha Romig is on this weeks #ThrowbackThrusday. If you want to experience something gritty, sinful and gut wrenching erotic suspense then this book is a MUST read!

Title: Insidious
Author: Aleatha Romig
Series: Tales from the Dark Side #1
Genre: dark, contemporary, suspense

Dark desires…Deadly secrets…Devious deceptions…Nothing is exactly as it seems in INSIDIOUS, the new erotic thriller from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

When a powerful man is willing to risk everything for his own satisfaction, only one woman can beat him at his own game: his wife. Or so she thinks…

“Let’s start with you calling me Stewart. Formalities seem unnecessary.”

Stewart Harrington is rich, gorgeous, and one of the most powerful men in Miami. He always gets what he wants. Anything is available to him for the right price.

Even me.

Being the wife of a mogul comes with all the perks, but being Mrs. Stewart Harrington comes with a few special requirements. I’ve learned to keep a part of myself locked away as my husband watches me submit to his needs. But the more he demands of me, the more beguiled he becomes and that’s to my advantage. So I keep fulfilling his fantasies and following his rules because he doesn’t know that what he’s playing is really my game. And winning is everything, right?

Insidious is a stand-alone novel and the first Tales from the Dark Side title. Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only.

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Insidious by Aleatha Romig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"4.5 Piranha stars"


I won’t go into the glorious detail of the this story without spoiling it for fellow readers, but I felt this plot had similar premises as that of Consequences

description Huge age difference between the MC’s
description Billionaire Alpha male/Anti-hero
description Manipulative wedding
description Family secrets
description Suspicious death
description Bodyguard/Chauffer/stalker
description Helpless victim
description Betrayal
description Revenge

Other than that I can just say this story is more dark, deadly and dangerous! The huge difference being Steward is bigger BASTARD than Anthony and Victoria has bigger BALLS than Claire!!

Aleatha Romig has done a great job of delivering an intriguing story with lot of twist and revelations at every turn. Writing was descriptive and essential, it helps you to understand the characters well! and this time there were many lengthy sensual scenes. I loved the character developments over the period of time, it will leave you unsure of how you feel for certain characters.

I loved Victoria♥-even after being a victim of her husband's dark fucked up fantasies for ten years, she stayed strong, never gave up on having a normal life. She has endured unbelievable amount of mental abuse at the very young age of 18 but pretty soon she learns the deceptive ways of surviving.

I highly recommend ‘Insidious’ to everyone wanting to experience gritty, sinful and gut wrenching erotic suspense from the queen of ‘WTF moments’!!

Rating clarification: I believe there were few questions went unanswered and ending was bit rushed but I loved how the story turned out in the end.

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