September 01, 2016

TBT #44 - Review: Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor Court #1) by Elizabeth Moss

★TBT #44★
This week on #ThrowbackThrusday we have an erotic historical romance 'Wolf Bride' by the author Elizabeth Moss. Three words to describe this book- HOT HOT and F*****G HOT!!! GO FIGURE *Winks*

Title: Wolf Bride
Author: Elizabeth Moss
Series: Lust in the Tudor Court #1
Genre: historical romance

Hilary Mantel meets Sylvia Day: the first installment in a deliciously erotic trilogy, set against the sumptuous backdrop of the scandal-ridden Tudor Court.

England, 1536

Bound to him against her will...

Lord Wolf, hardened soldier and expert lover, has come to King Henry VIII's court to claim his new bride: a girl who has intrigued him since he first saw her riding across the Yorkshire moors.

Eloise Tyrell, now lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn, has other ideas. She has no desire to submit to a man she barely knows and who - though she is loath to admit it - frightens her not a little.

Then comes that first kiss...

It awakens in both a fierce desire that bares them to the soul. But as the court erupts into scandal around the ill-fated Queen, Eloise sees first-hand what happens when powerful men tire of their wives.

Dare she surrender her body and her heart?

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***3.75 scorching stars***

Set in an era where loving and being loved was believed to be just fantasy, where men dominated the society and woman were considered as a possession, a source of pleasure and their only purpose is to produce an heir. And there’s Eloise Tyrell one of the queen Anne Boleyn’s maid, who is determined to marry for love and submit here body to the one who loves her. All her dreams come crumbling down when her father decides to marry her to a solider of King Henry VIII, Lord Wolf

Wolf is the toughest soldier known in the court, he was married at a young age to a beautiful woman he was in love with but she runs away with somebody else leaving him broken hearted. He swore to never be so gullible and fall for another woman ever. Reason he agrees to marry Eloise is because she’s already in love with another man so he don’t have to worry about love which will never come between them and he just wants her to give him a son.

With so many things threatening their marriage, against all the odds they find themselves being more loyal and possessive about each other and are trying desperately to save their marriage and finally accept that it’s never too late to love again.

Three words to describe this book- HOT HOT and FUCKING HOT!!!
Ok that’s more than three, but you got what I mean right?! *winks* though I’ve read way more erotic books than this, the thing which makes it stand out is blend of historical and erotica giving it a touch of “Caveman hotness” (yep! I made that up)

Need I say more ladies???

The only annoying thing about them was that they had a huge misunderstanding right from the beginning, it’s not like they didn’t have chance to sort it out mostly because they are busy having sex (not that I’m complaining) or ruin everything, the very minute they open their mouth. All in all it was a good laid back sizzling story of falling in love.

ARC kindly provided by SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca via Netgalley, for an honest review.

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