November 04, 2015

ARC Review: Childstar 1 by JJ McAvoy

Title: Childstar 1
Author: JJ McAvoy
Series: Childstar #1
Genre: new adult, contemporary romance
Amelia London is America's sweetheart. Noah Sloan is America's bad boy. Both are former child stars and once were lovers. When they are cast as the leads in the upcoming erotic suspense blockbuster—Sinners Like Us—they are forced to come to terms with the issues that tore them apart to begin with.

As the whole world watches, can they keep their secrets hidden? After all, everybody is a sinner…

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Childstar 1 by J.J. McAvoy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 **sinnful** STARS

“One day I was going to wake up, look at myself in the mirror and see a decent guy...just not today.”

Oh my. She did it again. For people who follow my reviews it comes with no surprise that I love this book. In fact I have read every single one Ms. McAvoy has published so far and she hasn't disappointed me yet.

There are a lot of things that make Childstar an instant success for me. It's a second chance romance, the main characters hate to love each other and honestly, I would say the shortness of the novella came just at the right time for me. Sometimes a girl can appreciate a bite sized story delivered week after week, that keeps you coming back for more.

“All of my best memories were of him...of us.”

As the title would suggest, Amelia London and Noah Sloan were child stars in the film and movie industry. They started out working together as children and eventually dated in their teens until one day Noah cheated on Amelia.

Now in their mid to late twenties the shine of their younger success has worn off. Noah is fresh out of rehab and Amelia's 'american sweetheart image' doesn't get her anywhere anymore. Both need a big break. Which as it happens comes in the form of a movie along the lines of FSoG, but more with an NC 17 rating. Holy hotness batman.

Right off the bat we are attacked with hatred fuelled and resentment driven chemistry. Sparks fly every time Amelia and Noah get near each other. There is a lot of anger, guilt and a few unanswered questions left over. And everything comes to a head when they start this movie together.

“Would he hurt me? Most likely
Would I still love him anyway? 
Should I? No. 
But what could I do?”

JJ McAvoy writes some seriously entertaining books. Easy style, nicely structured and paced. I never get bored with her and I always feel like I’m watching a movie in my head. There are sudden twists and turn, scorching hot chemistry, flawed characters and I'm falling hook, line and sinker. Enough said.

Childstar 1 is the first instalment in a three part series that is released within the next two weeks. So, very little waiting time and all three parts will be published as one book on 11/24/2015.

Well, bring on part two. I'm ready. And I hear my favourite bloody couple, Mel and Liam are making an appearance. Oh hell yeah.

**ARC very kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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