November 18, 2016

ARC Review: Black Widow (Black Widow #1) by Jenni Moen

Title: Black Widow
Author: Jenni Moen
Series: Black Widow #1
Genre: contemporary romance

“I bet I could make you fall in love in a week.” The offer seals Scott Russell’s fate.

After a bitter betrayal and an ugly divorce, the detective is forced to make a fresh start. His new position in a quiet suburb should be a walk in the park compared to his years in Chicago. However, he quickly learns that small towns come with their own issues, with citizens who are slow to forgive and even slower to forget.

The town’s wealthy and reclusive author is a mystery to most. To Scott, she’s just another nameless girl on the train. With a reserved smile and shoes worth more than a month’s rent, his only concern is that she might be out of his league.

“I can give you seven days, but not my heart.” The acceptance is one more in a string of lies.

Celeste Smythe doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Relationships take time and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Not with the secrets she harbors in her guarded heart. Yet fate keeps pushing her toward the handsome and absurdly persistent man, and resisting may be more than she can endure, no matter the risks.

When the week is over, Scott may think he knows her. Celeste may know she loves him. But when the truth is revealed about the town’s most talked about citizen, he may discover he’s put much more than his heart on the line.

*BLACK WIDOW is Book One in The Black Widow Series. Each book in the three book series will release approximately 3-4 months apart.*

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Love at first sight 

could be the death of him.
Secrets Secrets and more SECRETS!
How on earth do I survive this cliffhanger?


Jenni Moen is the master of suspense and jaw dropping twist for sure! Black Widow is yet another addition to Mrs Moen’s world of alluring romantic suspense, while it will keep you on your toes, you do get to enjoy a slow and sensual story.

Scott Russell, a head strong detective from Chicago is dubbed a hero after he solved an abduction case which went cold for years. This acquired hero status doesn’t seem to brighten his mood when he still struggles with his past, more particularly the little girl in his past who haunts him day in and day out. Scott is reckless when it comes to solving any case but with this one he went a little overboard, which ended up with him being transferred to a different precinct.

Celeste Smythe is the name spoken in whispers, who is stared at every time she sets foot outside. She is single, rich and a successful author living a simple reclusive life. Plagued by her past, Celeste can’t seem to have a normal life with a controlling father and judgemental people around who doesn’t let her forget her past. When least expected Celeste finds her normalcy again with Scott on the train during a stressful night.

Drowned by the thoughts of recent events Scott finally looks forward to having a fresh start away from Chicago but he finds himself intrigued by the girl on the train whom he ends up saving, twice! Scott is not the kind to usually pursue a woman but this one piqued his curiosity, she is not easily wooed unlike anyone he met. Call it a coincidence or a sign from the universe, their path crosses again. Persistent as he is, he lays out a proposition of spending a week together before she could disappear again.

Celeste gives in, I mean how can she resist the blue eyed, hot as hell cop but on her terms- after seven days of their time together they have to walk away with no strings attached. It looked like a great deal, one where she gets a semblance of a normal life and go back to her solitude, hoping he never finds out. Scott is trying hard not to fall for her but everything about her fascinates him- she is an enigma, a riddle he likes to solve, the fixer in him wants to unravel every bit of her story.

He thinks he could make her fall for him under a week but what happens when he finds out about the truth she guarded so well? The more he gets involved with her, the more mysterious things happen to him. Are those things connected to her? Is she really what people say she is?

Well I’m asking the same questions because we got to wait three months for the next book!!
The Horror of waiting…….

With Black Widow, the author lays out a solid foundation for a series filled with mysteries and major cliff hangers. The entire story takes place under a week, while it is not fast paced the author excels at delivering a page turner with complex characters and layered story line. When you think, you’ve figured it all out she throws yet another twist leaving your mouth dry and heart palpitating.

A captivating story, endearing characters, sizzling chemistry, tangled mystery and an eloquent writing is what makes this a great read!

*ARC kindly provided by the author, for an honest review*

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