September 24, 2014

Review: Behold the Stars by Susan Fanetti

Lawrence Ellis, with vast wealth and power, has made it known that he wants control of Signal Bend, Missouri. He is a man who always gets what he wants; there are no limits to the lengths he'll go, and he has the means to pay all manner of people to do his dirty work for him. The Night Horde MC, led by its President, Isaac Lunden, is wildly outmatched but prepared nonetheless to defend their hometown to the last man, and they are willing to do whatever they must to protect their home. Lilli Accardo, Isaac’s old lady, with her own special skills and resources, stands with them, rebelling against Isaac’s need to shield her.

After toying with them for months, Ellis loses patience for the game and rains down destruction on the Horde, their families, and the town itself. Tested to their very limits, beyond anything they could have imagined, forced to travel dark roads, the citizens of Signal Bend fight a war no one—not even they themselves—thinks they can win.

Challenged constantly from without, beset by their own inner demons, Isaac and Lilli must find the true strength within their bond. Isaac needs to protect what is his; Lilli needs to stand on her own; but they are stronger side by side.

Even in the deepest darkness, love brings hope.

NOTE: dark themes; explicit sex and violence.


Behold the Stars by Susan Fanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 I don’t know what to think STARS

"Honor and chivalry; sometimes it was best found under letter kuttes und unruly beards."

Everything is not okay. Lilli and Isaac didn't just ride off into to the sunset together, besides the big thread of Ellis hanging over their head...these two have even bigger problems at home...for now.

How they fight and deal with their issues feels raw and very's not sunshine and daisies and the characters stay very true to themselves, just like in a real relationship. It’s actually quite beautiful and satisfying to witness.

”All she needed was to get knocked up-which Isaac was dying for-and she's be living the cliché. What the fuck had happened to her life?”

I'm really glad that right from the start Ms. Fanetti addressed last books events and how they might not sit right with Lilli. She is a strong and independent woman, who can take care of herself, but being in a position where she needed to be rescued had to leave some residual problems to deal with.

So, that get’s you up to about 35% and here is where all hell breaks loose. I’m not even sure how to put this into words, but I’m going to try.

Ellis is a big problem, a bigger problem than they thought to be honest. To say things get out of control and very ugly is such an understatement. I’m still feeling a bit sick and maybe this book even needs a trigger warning. Not sure. I get that Ms. Fanetti wants us to see the danger and how bad the bad guy really is, but at some point it felt a bit like shocking the reader just for the sake of shock value. I can’t say I liked this book as much as I did with the last one and that’s not something I had expected.

I knew going in that it was going to be a darker read and I got from a few reviews that it was tough to stomach at times and yet, I was surprised at the extent of violence in this book. Even worse at times it was only suggested and not explicitly explained and that just took my imagination on a wild goose-chase.

Liquid help highly encouraged!

I’ve also read that people were glad they pulled through and that enduring all the drama and violence was worth it in the end...for me ...not so much. It left me with a bitter taste in my mouth and I’m not ok with it.

I love dark and edgy books and I live for that kind of stuff, but for this series it felt not right...purely personal thing....maybe I’m overreacting, but no...

That being said I’m looking forward to read Show’s book. I really want to see what is in store for his future and the arrival of Shannon makes me curious as well.

That’s all I have to say...I’m still a bit shocked.

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