July 29, 2015

ARC Review: Shine Not Burn (Shine Not Burn #1) by Elle Casey

Title: Shine Not Burn
Author: Elle Casey
Series: Shine Not Burn #1
Genre: contemporary romance, funny, chick flick
Andie Marks, known as “Party Girl” in her college days, is now a whip-smart lawyer on the fast track to success. Determined to move on from a bad break-up, she joins her girlfriends for a wild bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas, promising to let her hair down just this once.

Vegas is a blur of cocktails and blackjack, and in the middle of it all she meets Mack, a real-life cowboy with a winning hand and an irresistible body. They get lucky in the casino and luckier back at the hotel, a hot night of passion that was definitely not part of Andie’s life plan.

By dawn Mack is gone and all she has to remember their one-night romance is a hangover and a pile of casino chips. Or so she thinks…

Revised edition: This edition of Shine Not Burn includes editorial revisions.

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Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 **hilarious** STARS

“Come on, wife. Come take a little ride with me. Let me show you all the things you'll be missing when you go back East and leave me here with a broken heart.”

If you are in the mood for a delicious cowboy... If you have a bad day and need some belly laughs.... If you want to escape the world for a while and get drunk in Vegas.... If you want to go horseback riding and then do some more riding with/the cowboy...look no further!

This is your book! Period.

No seriously. Shine Not Burn is an escapism buscuit. It's fun, light, at times thoughtful and really sweet. It's a standalone contemporary romance, but also the first book in a two book series that will expand on Andie's friend and Mack’s brother.

Let's talk story...

“I really liked this cowboy. Mack. But I didn't know a single thing about him other than the fact that he doesn't wear underwear and he's got a big cock-a-doodle doo that he definitely knows how to use. Yee-haw.”

Andie, successful lawyer, in control of her life and very good friend to her girl posse, has met the most amazing man. He is handsome, strong and just all around perfect with the whole cowboy thing he has going on. Problem is, the first time she lays eyes on him she is already half drunk, attending her best friend’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas and on top of that he does not, I repeat - DOES NOT- fit into her life plan. Not at all.

Regardless, they play blackjack, hook up and she pretty much doesn't remember anything after that...

You know, typical weekend in Vegas!

Cut to two years later. Andie is set to be married to one of her lawyer co-worker, the one who fits her life plan. There is just one minor thing to take care of. Figure out why the state of Nevada is under the impression that she is already married.

Must be a mistake, right?

“They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sometimes the trouble follows you home. Know what I mean?”

More hilariousness ensues.

Being inside Andie's head was highly entertaining, she is a three dimensional character with a past that very much influences her present and her struggle to start living the life she actually wants is very well done.

Mack is amazing. He is a stoic kind of guy. Talks little, but his actions speak volumes. He is very determined and when he wants something he sure knows how to get it.

“Love is what it is, and love does what it does to survive. It’s an instinct.”

Shine Not Burn is the love child of The Hangover and Sweet Home Alabama. Absolutely hilarious and heartwarming and my face was seriously hurting from laughing so much. The only things I have to point out are the second hand embarrassment and the rushed ending. Quirky heroines usually have the problem of foot in mouth syndrome and this one is no exception. I do cringe occasionally when that happens and I just wanted to point it out.

The second thing, a rushed ending. It’s just a personal thing. By the time we got to the finish line I was so invested in the characters and I just wish there was a little more. That’s all. But I’m already reading the second book and Mack and Andie play a very prominent role in that one as well, so all is good in the end. ;)

All in all, a very enjoyable read, a good laugh and a sweet story. Also, cowboys!

**ARC very kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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