September 20, 2015

Announcement: Welcome Sandy!

Flo: Hi Folks, pop open the champagne and dance on the table, because I’ve got a huge announcement to make. As you all are aware that running a blog single handedly can be too taxing at times, I mean I love books, will do everything in my power to help spread the word. But between real life, reading and reviewing, I wish there was an easy way or someone to have my back. And guess what??!! the blog gods agree with me too!! Yes folks, I’ve finally found my partner in crime, a fellow book/coffee addict my buddy from India with whom I will be sharing my baby (blog) with.

Sandy: happy dancing....

Flo: nudges, Sandy!!  now whispering, stop dancing!!! that’s your cue to speak.

Sandy: Yes, alright. Hello everyone, I’m so very ecstatic to be part of this amazingly, beyond gorgeous blog (which I’ve been stalking since forever! Shhhh.....Flo doesn’t know that!). Anyhoo, you all are probably wondering why me? (Trust me, I’m still breaking my head over that) I wish I could say - we have known each other for a long time, that we have same taste in books or we buddy read all the time! In reality, we met randomly on GR (bless heavens that site exits), became friends, shared our thoughts and views over the books we reviewed. So recently, I stared following her on Twitter and she follows me back and voilà! after exchanging few messages we decided to become partners here *insert fireworks*. Of all the ways to communicate, twitter was where all the magic happened! (love you blue bird!)

I know for the fact that we are polar opposite in every possible way, we live in different parts of world with different accents (Flo, actually laughed for two minutes straight when she first heard my voice! LOL) But there’s an undefined bond in this randomness and I couldn’t think of a better multi-talented workaholic to share the wonderful experience of blogging.

Flo now sniffing!

So here's to us, for all the future arguing, losing patience, working our butts off, for unimaginable fun and never ending love for books….Cheers!!!!

P.S: Flo, we have to buddy read for the sake of our baby now and nothing of that dark stuff you love so much!

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