January 21, 2016

TBT #16 - Review: Flat Out Love by Jessica Park

 Making its way to this weeks #TBT is FLAT OUT LOVE by Author Jessica Park, It was smart, romantic, sweet, sad, angsty and extremely FUNNY.

Title: Flat Out Love
Author: Jessica Park
Series: Flat Out Love #1
Genre: romance, young adult
Flat-Out Love is a warm and witty novel of family love and dysfunction, deep heartache and raw vulnerability, with a bit of mystery and one whopping, knock-you-to-your-knees romance.

It's not what you know—or when you see—that matters. It's about a journey.

Something is seriously off in the Watkins home. And Julie Seagle, college freshman, small-town Ohio transplant, and the newest resident of this Boston house, is determined to get to the bottom of it. When Julie's off-campus housing falls through, her mother's old college roommate, Erin Watkins, invites her to move in. The parents, Erin and Roger, are welcoming, but emotionally distant and academically driven to eccentric extremes. The middle child, Matt, is an MIT tech geek with a sweet side... and the social skills of a spool of USB cable. The youngest, Celeste, is a frighteningly bright but freakishly fastidious 13-year-old who hauls around a life-sized cardboard cutout of her oldest brother almost everywhere she goes.

And there's that oldest brother, Finn: funny, gorgeous, smart, sensitive, almost emotionally available. Geographically? Definitely unavailable. That's because Finn is traveling the world and surfacing only for random Facebook chats, e-mails, and status updates. Before long, through late-night exchanges of disembodied text, he begins to stir something tender and silly and maybe even a little bit sexy in Julie's suddenly lonesome soul.

To Julie, the emotionally scrambled members of the Watkins family add up to something that ... well... doesn't quite add up. Not until she forces a buried secret to the surface, eliciting a dramatic confrontation that threatens to tear the fragile Watkins family apart, does she get her answer.

Flat-Out Love comes complete with emails, Facebook status updates, and instant messages.

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Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Flat Out Love was smart, romantic, sweet, sad, angsty and extremely FUNNY. I was totally sucked into Julie's world, She was sweet, smart, kind and funny. I loved her desire to fix the broken Watkins house, taking Celeste under her wing and urging Matt to live a bit. I never wanted it to end, just wanted to keep reading more and more about these weird and strangely lovable characters. I loved the quirkiness of all the characters and Geekiness of Watkins. I loved Matt and Julie’s witty back and forth banters, Celeste’s adorable yet highly intellectual nature, Finn’s flirty emails, Facebook updates, and Flat Finn!


The entire story was surrounded by this big family secret that leads to a twist in the end which I did not see it coming!! (view spoiler) I was expecting this to be a romance book, but it was leaning more on every individual on this family and their coping mechanism for the tragedy that had caused for them to fall apart. The author did an excellent job of delivering the aspects of dysfunctional families while tackling some difficult issues.

The writing was addictive, I couldn't put it down. It was thoroughly entertaining and hilarious with touch of smart and charming dialogues!

Most funniest scene would be drunk Julie and Matt’s conversation on new year’s eve :D
“Happy New Year, Julie.”
“Happy New Year, Matty.” She turned off the television and rolled onto her side. “Matty, I have another question for you.”
“Are you a skilled lover?”
“And that concludes our evening chat.” 

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