April 24, 2016

ARC Review: That One Moment (Lost in London #2) by Amy Daws

Title: That One Moment
Author: Amy Daws
Series: Lost in London #2
Genre: contemporary romance

Life is a series of reoccurring ripples in time. The moment I saw her…something shifted. The moment my lips touched hers…life got messy. The moment my heart got involved…everything changed.

Vi Harris tests every bit of my strength. She is my test. My challenge. At a time when I should be focusing entirely on myself, this radiant woman with a bright, cheeky smile and a cracked sense of humor waltzes in and spins everything on its axis.

Vi has the potential to make me weak at a time when I’m determined to show everyone just how bloody strong I am. She’s everything I am not…yet somehow, she sees through my darkness. My pain. My despair. She doesn’t see me as broken. She sees me as the man I’m fighting so hard to be. The man that I’m still struggling to see myself.

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3.5 *11:11* stars


“That One Moment” is a standalone novel said from dual POV, it is the beautiful story of forgiveness, acceptance and all about finding your soul mate in abyss of darkness.

Hayden Clarke is given a second chance at life after he brutally tried to take his own life a year ago. Following the death of Marisa in a horrific accident four years ago, the entire Clarke family was shattered, but Hayden was the one who took it hard. When everyone else seemed to resume back to their normal life, he still kept blaming himself for her death. In fact, that guilt consumed him so much that growing darkness became part of his life, which over the time turned him suicidal.

Now after a year of continuous therapy and overwhelming support of his family, Hayden sees his life in a new light. He wants to build a life for himself without any guilt for which he has to put himself before others. However, his survivor’s guilt and deeply rooted fear pushes anyone who wants to help him that is until Vilma becomes his ‘countdown challenge’, a therapy suggested by his doctor to talk about his most vulnerable feelings to a complete stranger.

Vilma ‘Vi’ Harris is the only daughter of a football legend, sweet fun loving person. She wants to have a normal life away from her overbearing brothers who on every given opportunity poke their nose in her life. She bumps into Hayden during a club opening since then, she can’t seem to stop daydreaming about him. Vi does help him in the countdown challenge, but the question is will this arrangement help him get over his fears and embrace his reality or will Vi make him weak and push him back to the depth of his desolation?

First and foremost, I would like to give a big shout out to Amy (The author)!! When she saw that I gave two stars to her previous book, ‘Not The One’ she in all honesty wanted me to leave a review just to know what didn’t work out for me. And that’s the only reason I agreed to read this book, I mean who wouldn’t love an author who thrives on a negative review. Surprisingly I liked this one better. It had a good storyline which was rich in details and emotions. What I loved the most is the slow character development and budding romance, which makes you connect with the characters easily and live every moment of their life.

The reason I had to knock off few stars was that; the story didn’t amaze me like I expected. Like how my co-blogger keeps saying ‘I’m a tough nut to crack’ maybe that’s why I was not easily pleased. Other than that, I felt the large portion in middle felt flat and dragged a bit.

But the best part of this story for me is Hayden- my beautiful broken man, his suffocating pain and intoxicating guilt! Too much to bear!! His character was well written and felt real. Overall, the story is subtle, light, funny and cheesy at times, if you are looking for feel-good kind of book this is definitely one to pick!

*ARC kindly provided by the author, for an honest opinion*

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