We love to read and we love to share our opinions. Don't expect us to sugar-coat reviews. When we love a book we will scream it out loud. And if we don't like a book there will always be an honest review. If you can't deal with constructive criticism you should probably move on to the next blog. We do not rate books with 5 Stars just to please an author, or because we are thankful for an ARC. If you want us to review your book you better be prepared for that. 

As avid review readers ourselves we appreciate it when people share their honest opinion. Makes it so much easier to decide if I want to buy a book or not, doesn't it?

That being said, There is a high percentage of 4 and 5 Star ratings, especially on Flo's reviews. That's not by mistake, She does her research. Reading time is precious and wasting it is not in welcome. After reading and reviewing for a while now being able to discern if we will enjoy a book or not gets a lot easier. Also, we trust our Goodreads friends and their opinions.

Authors are welcome to request a review, but we can't guarantee a positive response, both for time and subject matter reasons.

We read any subgenre of Romance (NA/YA, Erotica/BDSM, Dark, Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal) but we’re not so into M/M, and Dystopian/Fantasy/Sci-fi books. Although, Flo is known to dabble a little with fantasy and sci-fi if the mood strikes.

We read LOTS OF smut, pretty much porn on paper *grins* and our reviews may contain profanity, suggestive images, snarky remarks and heavy load of sarcasm. If any of these may offend you in any way, we suggest you to take your judgy rear somewhere else, please. Thank you.

We are going with the Goodreads model of 1 to 5 Stars. But we do give out half stars or sometimes .75 or .25 Stars, We like living dangerously. ;P
Most importantly - 3 Stars is not a bad rating!!
6 Stars are reserved for the life changing reads that very rarely occur. For everything else the following applies:

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  1. Dear Flo,
    Your honesty and directness is appreciated and your blog is organized and professional. As a reader the worst thing is to be duped by a bogus review. That said, I am requesting a review of AFFAIRYTALE, a Memoir, and will take whatever you dish out!

    As another blogger put it "...its a real live romance novel." and "...its so different than the typical love story." I think you'll find it intriguing, and not disappointing. The best way to see if this is something you're interested in reading is to watch the 60 second book trailer. I think you'll know right away if you'll like it or not.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,