February 02, 2017

ARC Review: WTF Am I Supposed to Eat?: A Dieter's Manifesto b C.J. English

Title: WTF Am I Supposed to Eat?: A Dieter's Manifesto
Author: C.J. English
Series: none
Genre: non fiction, self help
WTF am I supposed to eat? is the runaway best seller that will challenge everything you think you know about losing weight and eating healthy. Part obsessive dieter’s manifesto, part smart-ass common sense, WTF am I supposed to eat? is insightful, refreshing, and motivating—the kick in the ass that you need to stop listing to everyone else, and start doing what is right for you.

“I’ve spent a lifetime sifting through a sea of weight loss information and misinformation, all tangled up in knots; it is my mission to unravel the mess and search for WTF is the truth, and WTF is total bullshit.” -C.J. English

WTF am I supposed to eat? is not a scientific proclamation of facts, although there are plenty throughout. There are also pieces of bullshit scattered here and there to see if you’re still paying attention, analyzing carefully, and asking yourself what will work for me?

WTF am I supposed to eat? is loaded with smart-ass advice from a smart-ass chick who generally knows what she’s talking about.

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WTF Am I Supposed to Eat?: A Dieter's Manifesto by C.J. English
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 **kick ass** STARS

I am legit speechless. This books complete rocked my world. The uninhibited and frank approach to weight loss, exercise and a healthy lifestyle was out of this world hilarious, entertaining and so goddamn useful. If you thought about changing your diet, buy this manifesto. CJ is not only painfully honest, but incredibly knowledgable. Over the last month I have read a few pages at a time whenever I felt like someone needed to kick me in the ass, while simultaneously giving me permission to put actual milk (or for you Americans-cream) in my coffee. And even more importantly, that it’s alright to have no willpower, because newsflash -- there is a way to work around it. Yes, I learned shit about eating, but more than that I fell in love with the authors approach and voice. Honestly, if you read one book about what to eat and how to loose weight in your life, make it this one. I do believe contrary to most other books in the genre, this author actually has our best interest at heart.

That’s all I have to say. Thank you, CJ.

**ARC very kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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