February 06, 2017

Release Blitz {ARC Review + Excerpt} - Evolution of Ivy: Poison by Lauren Campbell

Title: The Evolution of Ivy: Poison
Author: Lauren Campbell
Series: The Evolution of Ivy #1
Genre: Contemporary romance with psychological element

They won't recognize the new me.

But they know the old me well—the me she harmed, and the me he loved.

She thinks she has him. But I'm going to take him back.

He thinks she's the one. But I'm going to show him he's wrong.

I thought it was over. But now I have a chance.

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*5 Ivy stars*

Are you contemplating on which new release to read?

Are you looking for a book that takes you on an emotional ride?

Do you love a book which gets you high on some drama, loads of angst and a love triangle?

If your answer is YES then you got to drop everything and READ THIS BOOK LIKE NOW!!!!!!!!


Can you believe I read this book in one sitting when I take nearly a week to finish one?

That’s how addicting this story is! The Evolution of Ivy is simply palpable, heart-wrenching, and beyond your usual romance with a strong protagonist who will steal your heart.

At the onset, this story is about a desperate woman on a mission to get the love of her life back with any means necessary…


As the story unravels, you get to see the pain and honesty behind her intention; it’s not what we usually see in a love triangle or a woman being obsessed with a guy but the brutal reality of Ivy’s past and chain of events which leads to this decision.

I know I’m being vague, this is one of those stories you need to just get on with and enjoy the crazy experience. What I will talk is this author’s great writing skills.

Lauren Campbell is a master storyteller, she has the ability to grab your attention from the very first chapter, put you through a whirlwind of emotions and make you part of it without your knowledge. Don’t get me started on the characters, she has written such complex characters that you might hate or love but even so, they will definitely stay with you after you’ve finished reading it. The best part of this story is it has multiple POV’s with a smooth transition from one’s perspective without causing any confusion and that dear friends happen rarely.

Ivy’s character is something which grows on you for sure. Her entire journey, a transformation from a helpless little girl to a callous, ambitious young woman is brilliantly executed. It’s more than a mere novel, the whole experience has been thought provoking; I kept asking myself - are you strong enough to do what Ivy did? Is love worth all the trouble?

Sometimes losing your innocence and being selfish isn’t a bad thing, well that’s what this book does to you, question your own principles and sanity.

With a fresh new voice and a refreshing storyline, this debut author is one to look out for!! Can’t wait to read more from Lauren.

*ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review*


Bringing the mug to my lips, the last drop of lukewarm coffee slides down my throat as the waitress zips by. I sigh, my hand halting in midair before coming to rest on the table again. I can't do much of anything without coffee. Can hardly remember my old name without the heavenly liquid, much less my new one. If I'm going to craft any sort of decent plan to get Brooks back, I'll need a refill.

Despite her Facebook telling me she frequents this place, Eliza is still MIA. Perhaps she isn't eating. Maybe she'll starve to death. But Lord knows I've eaten plenty for the both of us. I'm unwilling to get fat waiting on her, but the smells of freshly cracked eggs and crisping bacon prevent me from simply having a coffee. The breakfast aromas must drift far from the building, because all the self-important losers of Brookhaven keep packing the place like sardines. I'll give it until the end of the week before coming up with another plan. Which would suck, because—

Holy. Shit.

There she is. A crown of blonde shifting nervously from foot to foot at the front door. Two douchebags engage her, because she's pretty—okay, beautiful … whatever. Raised brows and sly smiles adorn their faces. She rolls her eyes. Raises a hand to flaunt the rock that should be on my finger instead. Stubborn, they keep trying. She steps to the counter, shakes her head at the staff, then shrugs in exasperation. A whoosh of hair as she spins around, heading for the door.

Every day until the wedding is precious. I can't let her go. Without thinking it through, I bolt from the table. My feet are quick as I beeline for her, and then fingertips finally connect with her shoulder. “Hey!”

She spins, blue eyes staring at my own. Unable to speak, I stare back. I'm afraid, terrified she will recognize me, even though she couldn't. It's impossible. I don't even resemble Ivy."


Lauren Campbell lives in Atlanta, GA, with her family, and is author of The Evolution of Ivy: Poison.

She was raised in Columbia, SC, with her three sisters who annoy her greatly.

An avid reader since early childhood, Lauren discovered her love for writing several years into owning a successful newborn photography business. After reaching out to author Colleen Hoover in 2013 for advice, Lauren painstakingly pieced together a heap of garbage loosely based on her personal life that she decided to trash. After one year of being on hiatus, Lauren subsequently came up with the idea for Poison after being inspired by a photo on the internet. She wrote Poison in three weeks. It is not a heap of garbage, has no personal ties, and is filled with characters Lauren cares more for than some of the real people in her life. But don't tell anyone that.

Lauren's social life is pretty boring, but she loves reading, coffee & hot tea, and living in her pajamas. She's a glutton for punishment, and regrettably signs up for things like Room Mom in her children's classes, leaving her up all night doing things like baking dozens of cookies between swear words. Her favorite food is avocado. If she could, she'd find a way to put it on everything.

Lauren is done writing in third person now.

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