February 10, 2016

Review: The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashely

Title: The Will
Author: Kristen Ashley
Series: Magdalene #1
Genre: contemporary romance
Early in her life, Josephine Malone learned the hard way that there was only one person she could love and trust: her grandmother, Lydia Malone. Out of necessity, unconsciously and very successfully, Josephine donned a disguise to keep all others at bay. She led a globetrotting lifestyle on the fringes of the fashion and music elite, but she kept herself distant.

While Josephine was trotting the globe, retired boxer Jake Spear was living in the same small town as Lydia. There was nothing disguised about Jake. Including the fact he made a habit of making very bad decisions about who to give his love.

But for Josephine and Jake, there was one person who adored them. One person who knew how to lead them to happiness. And one person who was intent on doing it.

Even if she had to do it as her final wish on this earth.

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The Will by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 **lavender** STARS

“Life is like a boxing match. Defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again.”


Wonderful. Epic. Just really very sweet and moving. A fabulous addition to my favourite Kristen Ashley reads. Yes, this is quite formulaic and I can assure you in the grand scheme of things, nothing I read here was really new in the KA universe. But who the hell cares. It's escapism at its best and as my partner in crime would say 'crack on paper'.

“He’ll make you happy, my precious Josie.”

For twenty-three years Josephine Malone has lead a very fast and fascinating life, working as the PA for a very well known and successful Photographer. She is content with what she has got. There are things in her past that made her choose this kind of unpredictable and uncommitted life. The only thing constant and dear to her her heart was her grandmother - Lydia Malone, the woman who saved her, who gave her a home in the small town of Magdalene in Maine and the only person who ever really loved her. Naturally the day Josie found out her anker had died her whole life was changed - in more than one way.

As the title of the book suggests a will plays a bigger role in the story. Lydia Malone was a beautiful soul and she always wanted the best for her granddaughter. The best thing she had to share was Jake Spears. In her will she not only bequeaths Lavender House and all her belongings to her, she also gave Josie to Jake. Somewhat unconventional and amusing, if you ask me.

“It’s never too late to reach for happiness and no matter what life has done to you, it’s never too late to find it.”

Jake is a father of three kids, an ex-boxer and the owner of both a boxing gym and a strip club. The best part, Josie never even knew he existed in her grandmother's life. The big question is why they had such a big connection Josie didn't know about and why Jake is so determined to honor Lydia's wishes.

A carefully executed seduction and persuasion plan ensues. Josie is not an easy nut to crack, but it sure is worth it for Jake and his kids.

“I wanted you before I even knew you. Someone handsome and strong and protective and fierce. You’re everything I ever wanted, darling.”

A grandmother who pulls the strings from the grave, a charming and yet rough around the edges hero, a cute bunch of kids and a very classy and slightly odd heroine. That's the kind of old school KA I love and always fall for. The family dynamics, the humour and the very sexy couple make this an exceptional piece of escapism. A beautiful little world, in a small town where people care about each other and bad situations get resolved rather swiftly. It's just so gosh darn cute, I still feel like smiling when I think about it.

But don't let the cheese fool you, The Will made me actually cry. Especially towards the end I was sniffling like a crazy person. I love the emotional intimacy between the characters. It really got to me. And that's all you can hope for in a book, right?

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